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Our Story

We are a family who after 17 years of living on different continents have been brought together through divine providence. Together we were inspired to start creating beautiful cage dolls and Divine Creations was founded as a unique art store. Like each one of us, each artistic doll is uniquely designed and created with no two exactly the same.


Our Craft

Using clay, a doll is hand sculpted and then silicon molded.  A few of these models are made and using casting resins and wood a limited number of each doll is produced.   Each one of these dolls are then carefully decorated and finished using a range of artistic oil paints and textiles resulting in an individually created cage doll mannequin that is a one of a kind art piece. This is an age old art form that dates as far back as the 13th century. Our dolls are all of women that portray an image of divine elegance and grace.


Product Range

We have just launched our "Manna Range" which consist of 12x different doll designs in 3x sizes:  a 16 inch bust doll, a 25 inch cage doll and a 29 inch cage doll.

Our cage dolls are jointed at their shoulders, elbows and heads which allows for some movement. This movement allows the doll to be presented in different poses. These dolls are really unique art pieces that will be an elegant show piece in any environment!

How to Buy


We sell most of our dolls on Etsy. Access our shop at the link below.

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Craft Markets

We will showcase our dolls at selected Canadian craft markets throughout the year. 

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Send us an e-mail with your enquiry. 

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